Lot for sale IN Alto Lino Boquete Chiriqui Chiriquí

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Lot of 42,200 meters for sale in Alto Lino, Alto Boquete- Los Naranjos. It is located just 1 km from the Center of Boquete and you enter through a paved road that is only 5 minutes from the Center of Boquete. This undulating land in the shape of an arrow is ideal for coffee planting or it would work well to have a house in the mountains and enjoy the unmatched 18 degree climate that Boquete offers us. It has a panoramic view and position. A few meters away are high-cost residential developments in combination with the installation of hostels and medium-cost housing. Low intensity shops, agricultural developments, schools are located on the main street. The road has a collective transport service. Bajo Boquete, very close to the land, has schools, a gym, a stadium, and a sustained urban development. Alto Boquete further south, has a Church, high intensity commerce, such as banks, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, as well as hotel facilities and hostels.

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